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Welcome to this website.
Its objective is to provide a bridge for the exchange of information and experience between judges/judicial officers from bankruptcy/insolvency courts around the world.
Both, the English and the German section of this website provide information on international projects.
The English section is additionally designed to make information on German insolvency law in English available for those who do not speak German.
The overall purpose of this website is to facilitate the understanding between judges/judicial officers from insolvency/bankruptcy courts in common law and civil law jurisdictions.

From here, you can navigate to information in English.

Information Links:

Basic Information
Basic Information on German Insolvency Law and Additional Links

Current Developments in German Insolvency Law
An Update on the Latest Reform of German Insolvency Law

Judicial Communications
Information on Judicial Cooperation and Communications in Cross-border Cases

International Insolvency Instiute (III)
Information on the III and its Judicial Committee

INSOL Europe Judicial Wing
Information on INSOL Europe's Judicial Wing

Quality Circle Insolvency Courts BW
Information on the Quality Circle of Large Insolvency Courts in Baden-W�rttemberg, Germany

Corporate Group Guidelines
Information on Coordination of Multinational Enterprise Group Insolvencies